Restore Your Home's Siding in Hours

Choose professional sandblasting services in Jacksonville, Orange Park & Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

If you need an efficient way to strip paint from a building's exterior, turn to Elite Sandblasting & Painting, Inc. in Jacksonville or Orange Park, FL. Use our sandblasting services to clear paint from all types of residential siding.

Depending on the surface, we can use sand, glass beads or ground walnut shells as blasting materials.

Call 904-477-6027 now to set up sandblasting services for your home or commercial property.

When to use power washing services

Sandblasting is ideal for surfaces that need light finishing or sanding. While power washing is excellent for clearing away stubborn buildup, it doesn't have the sanding effect of sandblasting. This means our power washing services work well for:

  • Driveways: Make your driveway several shades lighter in minutes.
  • Roofs: Clear mildew, moss and algae from your roof to prevent long-term damage.
  • Buildings: Brighten your home or office building's façade with power washing.

If you own a large commercial building, such as a warehouse, you can ask us to power wash the interior.

Get a clean you can see by scheduling power washing services in the Jacksonville or Orange Park, FL area today.